Progressive Modern flair. 

A minimal cowl collar that ensures an appropriately laid-back feel and effortless elegance. Loaded with statement utility swag, the tunic shirt features a covert "Anti-flip" pocket for eyewear. A tailor-made safe pocket with a vertical slit opening that prevents items from flipping out. Flamboyant, individual styling drives this dressed-up style that combines modern eccentricity with heritage undertones.

Navy Embroidered Latitude Shirt | Ahimsa Silk Brocade

    • Regular Fit, 
    • Ergonomic "Anti-flip" Pocket for Eyewear, 
    • Lined Front Body, 
    • Tail Back, 
    • Cowl Collar, 
    • Statement Embroidery Detail, 
    • Genuine MOP Shell Buttons. 

    *This product is hand-woven and there might be slight irregularities. These add to the unique charm of the product.