This fitted mask comes with an in-build filter pocket. Insert a PM 2.5 filter for heightened protection level. Make sure that you remove and dispose of the filter before washing your mask. After the mask has completely dried, place a new filter in it.


Four-layer composite, sculpted in dense and tightly woven cotton fabrics best suited for efficacy. 


​Thermal bonded nonwoven polypropylene interlining within the layers for particle filtration


Wide and compact face coverage. 

Nose bridge to ensure adequate sealing on the top edge.


Over the ears high quality soft elastic loops with an adjuster. 


Wearing of the mask is restricted to half a day and constitutes a protective barrier against possible penetration or exhalation of the virus in/by the users from/to a nearby person. 


Only limited protection against the said risk is claimed. 


NOTE: This device is not a medical device in the sense of Regulation EU/2017/745, nor is it PPE personal protective equipment in the sense of Regulation EU/2016/425. 


WARNING: A fabric mask in no way exonerates the user form routine application of the protective measures, which are essential, and of the social distancing rules. 

(3 Units) Filter Pocket Washable And Reusable Fitted Cloth Face Mask

    • Washable and reusable 
    • In-build filter pocket for replaceable filter
    • ​Over the ears adjustable soft elastic loops 
    • Dense and tightly woven 100% cotton 
    • Four-layer composite 
    • Thermal bonded nonwoven polypropylene interlining 
    • Nose bridge to ensure adequate sealing ​
    • Wide and compact face coverage