In-build filter pocket. Insert a PM 2.5 filter or a surgical mask for heightened protection level. Make sure that you remove and dispose of the filter before washing your mask. After the mask has completely dried, place a new filter in it. 


Triple-layer composite, sculpted in dense and tightly woven cotton fabrics suitable for efficient functioning. 


​Thermal bonded nonwoven polypropylene interlining within the layers for particle filtration


Wide face coverage and no stitch line/seams alongside the nose, mouth, or chin for heightened barrier capability

Over the head elastic harness for a tight fit and ease of wearability


Nose bridge to ensure adequate sealing ​on the top edge. 


Wearing of the mask is restricted to half a day and constitutes a protective barrier against possible penetration or exhalation of the virus in/by the users from/to a nearby person. 


Only limited protection against the said risk is claimed. 


NOTE: This device is not a medical device in the sense of Regulation EU/2017/745, nor is it PPE personal protective equipment in the sense of Regulation EU/2016/425. 


WARNING: A fabric mask in no way exonerates the user form routine application of the protective measures, which are essential, and of the social distancing rules. 

Flat-Fold W&R Cloth Face Mask With Filter Pocket (2 Units)

    • Washable and reusable ​
    • In-build filter pocket for replaceable filter
    • Dense and tightly woven 100% cotton
    • Triple-layer composite 
    • Thermal bonded nonwoven polypropylene interlining 
    • Nose bridge to ensure adequate sealing ​
    • Wide face coverage 
    • No stitch line/seams alongside the nose, mouth, or chin 
    • ​Over the head elastic harness 

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